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Many colleges and universities offer Online MBA degrees with Human Resources Management concentrations and Human Resources Certifications.

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Future trends in Humans Resources show the growing need for HR Professionals; expanding your education will allow greater opportunities in your Human resources Career.  Human Resources is one of the most stable career fields, no matter if the economy is booming, or declining companies need Human Resources professionals to help navigate through the sticky terrain that these changing conditions present. 

The environment of a Human Resources professional has greatly changed over the past several years, what used to be thought of as a glorified administrative role now plays an integral part in shaping an organization and managing a labor force, across the globe.  A huge future trend in Human Resources is the globalization of companies.  To be truly competitive you must understand the global market.  HR professionals are spending more and more time studying international employment relations, laws, cultures, and learning how to guide top companies through the very diverse workplace that exists today. 

Diversity in itself has led many companies to embrace a new culture that embodies an aging workforce trend in many countries, a new generation of “virtual” workplaces, and facing huge challenges in understanding cross generational work teams.  Human Resources is a profession that allows you to specialize or diversify, and continuously grow in your career.  This is not a monotonous job – this is a profession for thought leaders, creative souls, people with a passion for understanding how the industrial base will continue to evolve, and how to nurture and develop the people that make this up.

So how do you choose your career? Wither you are starting out and just pursuing your first degree, or you are coming back to change careers, or become more specialized in an area there are so many areas of Human Resources in demand today.  You choose the area that feels right to you, or you can choose to pursue a broader field of Human Resources, and not specialize in one area.  Either way, you are sure to find that a rewarding experience awaits you.


Abilene Christian UniversityM.S. in Organizational and Human Resource Development

The Organizational and Human Resource Development Program is designed for students who are interested in becoming decision makers skilled in critical thinking, strategic planning, and conflict resolution, and who want to gain an appreciation for diversity. OHRD courses examine conflict resolution and theory, mediation, organizational behavior, intercultural communication, human resources, teams and team leadership, social change, and persuasion.  Earn you Master of Science in Organizational and Human Resources Development from Abilene Christian University.

American InterContinental UniversityM.B.A. Specialization in Human Resource Management

If you are seeking an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human Resource Management, AIU Online can help you with your education needs.  Most companies can benefit from an employee who has earned a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management degree online. Attracting the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited is important for the success of any organization. Legal and ethical principles regarding recruitment, selection and planning processes are playing an increasingly significant role in the HR departments of all industries.  Employment prospects are bright for those who obtain a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management degree online. This MBA program will help prepare graduates for career opportunities including: Director of Human Resources.

Argosy UniversityMaster of Science in Management

Argosy University turned to its long history in the fields of psychology and understanding of human behavior to construct a MS in Management program that focuses on the broader aspects of organizational dynamics such as strategy, systems, structure, and best practices. Not a traditional numbers-oriented management program, the Argosy University MS in management program will prepare students to deal with the one aspect of an organization that plays a critical role in achieving a positive outcome – the people on the team.  The MS in Management program will develop your interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills and teach you to frame and resolve unstructured organizational issues. The courses are rooted in theory and practical application, use case studies, projects, and research to coach you on management skills and mechanisms useful for any work environment.

Ashford UniversityMaster of Arts - Organizational Management

Elevate your administration skills to new heights. Start your MA - Organizational Management degree from Ashford University.  Curriculum will provide students an  opportunity to focus and concentrate in Organizational Leadership, Human Resources Management, or Global Management.  The Organizational Leadership concentration expands business and management experience with an emphasis on leadership, opportunity, and change in the future.  The Human Resources Management concentration added to your Master of Arts in Organizational Management degree from Ashford University, you will cover training and development, compensation and benefits, and strategies in human resources management.  The Human Resources Management Concentration is your opportunity to explore how the Human Resources function can thrive within organizations, while crafting a solid hiring strategy to recruit the best talent, as well as the ever-changing legal requirements that influence the HR decision-making process  The Global Management concentration diversifies your experiences and strategies for leadership, management, cultural styles from around the world.

Baker OnlineBaker Online – Human Resource Management (MBA)

This program has been designed for persons who work within the personnel or human resources area. In addition to the core business courses, students are exposed to very specific issues that confront the human resource manager everyday. Students can expect to be exposed to practitioners in human resources, to the constantly changing roles of various human resource personnel within the field, and a variety of topics and issues highly relevant to the changing workplace. This program takes on an even greater significance as the world looks to well-trained human resource specialists to provide the kind of services needed by the workforce.

Bellevue UniversityHuman Resource Management Concentration

The Human Resource Management concentration examines theory and applications in all levels of organizational strategy, culture, and practice. Topic areas include human resource management roles and contributions in business planning and strategy, job value analyses, alternative work systems, recruitment and selection, fair employment practices, performance appraisal and management, compensation design and management, job evaluation systems, career development, health and safety, and employee rights. The topics include the study of specific quantitative and qualitative theories and methods used to collect reliable and valid human resource management data for decision purposes. Students may take the human resource management electives without pursuing the entire concentration.

CaliforniaCoastMBA with concentration in Human Resources Management

The Master of Business Administration Human Resources Management (MBA-HRM) Concentration Degree is a self-paced learning program that may be completed off-campus. Study programs are not structured in semesters, quarters or terms, allowing students to begin their degree programs at any time during the year. The MBA-HRM degree program is comprised of 39 semester Units of Credit.  MBA in HR Management prepares students to integrate HR functions into an organization's strategic plan.

Capella UniversityGeneral Human Resources Management

Today’s human resource managers are increasingly viewed as strategic business partners and are expected to contribute both specialized HR knowledge and a broad understanding of business needs and strategies. This General Human Resource Management master’s specialization by Capella University is designed to help you deepen your human resources subject matter expertise and strengthen your ability to think beyond functional boundaries, positioning yourself to become an important partner in developing and implementing workplace strategies that deliver business results.

Capella UniversityHuman Resource Management - Industrial Labor and Relations

Capella University offers one of the few opportunities to earn a master’s degree specializing in Industrial and Labor Relations, a field in which graduate-level studies are often desired. Capella’s MS in Human Resource Management, with a specialization in Industrial and Labor Relations, offers a foundational understanding of the factors influencing the relationships between employees and organizations, including theories and best practices for today’s global workplace. Specialization topics include industrial labor relations from historical, legislative, and practice perspectives; unionism; labor law and workplace governance; the employer-employee relationship; labor management; and labor relations models and movements. People likely to be interested in the Industrial and Labor Relations specialization include mid-level HR professionals and managers who want to pursue careers as human resource managers, employee relations managers, employee relations specialists, contract negotiators, dispute mediators, or labor arbitrators.


Eugene T. Moore School of Education - Clemson UniversityMaster of Human Resource Development

Master of Human Resource Development (MHRD) degree is designed for in-career professionals who wish to advance their standing within the profession. Taught by both practitioners and academicians, this unique program provides working professionals with an opportunity to earn an advanced degree from a highly respected institution that is at the forefront of the profession.  The MHRD program includes 36 semester credit hours of course work. You are admitted in the Fall semester and are expected to complete the program in two years.

Colorado Technical University OnlineM.B.A. Concentration in Human Resource Management

The Colorado Tech Online MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management has been created to address the growing need for qualified, skilled HR professionals who have strong interpersonal skills and corporate operational expertise.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment opportunities for HR professionals are expected to remain robust through 2012. This career-focused degree program provides the groundwork for motivated individuals to climb to the peak of rewarding executive HR careers. It is designed to prepare students wishing to pursue careers as Employee Relations Specialists, Benefits Administrators, HR Supervisors, Recruiters and many other interesting positions.

Columbia Southern UniversityMBA Concentration in Human Resource Management.

Don’t change your life for an education. Let your education change your life. At CSU, we offer accredited online programs, open enrollment and a flexible learning style designed to accommodate your life.  Columbia Southern University's graduate programs are designed to produce exceptional leaders in Human Resource Management.


Keller Graduate School of Management - DeVry UniversityMasters of Human Resources Management

Human resource professionals are recognized as essential business partners who create programs and activities that impact business and contribute to its success. In Keller's master's degree program in Human Resource Management you will learn the current best practices that will open doors to your career in this exciting field.

Drexel UniversityMasters in Human Resource Development

The online new Master’s in Human Resource Development program prepares graduates to become "strategic partners" to CEOs – or CEOs themselves. Using current research, best practices, software applications and database management systems, you will learn how to promote maximum employee performance in any organization. The Master of Science in Human Resource Development program is ideal for training and development professionals, career changers, managers and executives who want to better develop their employees, and anyone involved in assessing and responding to the development needs of employees and their organization.

Ellis UniversityOnline M.B.A. Human Resource Management Specialization

The Human Resources Management specialization provides students with advanced skills and professional confidence in managing an organization's human resources.  In addition to the solid foundation gained from the Ellis MBA core curriculum, students often desire to further tailor their studies and specialize in a key business function of industry area. Students may elect to take three courses in one of 14 different specialization areas. This can be completed in a 36 credit MBA program. If students are interested in pursuing two specialization areas, that can be completed in a 45 credit program.  The Ellis MBA specializations feature courses designed to provide students with focused knowledge or applied skills in a single topic domain. Such knowledge and skills are often critical to professional growth and career success.

Ellis UniversityHuman Resources Management and Labor Relations
Human resources and labor relations are critical factors in the operation of any organization and how they are managed often makes the difference between success or failure of an enterprise. Over the past two decades, there has been a tremendous growth in the need for qualified individuals to manage these functions.  Managing human resources in today's complex organizational, legal and economic environment requires professionals with special skills and knowledge in such areas as employee selection, training, appraisal and motivation; compensation and employee benefits programs; employment law and policy - EEO, OSHA, Workers' Compensation, ERISA; employee relations; and dispute resolution.  For those in a unionized workplace or who represent labor unions, the above is important and study is essential in collective bargaining, labor law and legislation, union organization and arbitration.

Fielding Graduate UniversityOrganization Management and Development

Fielding's master's degree program in Organization Management and Development (OMD) fosters new ways to create organizational change and effectiveness within a business environment. Designed to meet the needs and schedules of working adults, the program can be completed online, and within 20 months.  We offer our master's students a collaborative online learning experience that is more intimate, thought-provoking, and productive than any traditional classroom.  Fielding's online environment is more supportive and motivating than other online programs, and our students experience a deeply rooted sense of community.

Kaplan UniversityM.B.A. specializing in Human Resources Management

The objective of the MBA - Human Resources Management program is to help students pursue leadership positions in competitive business environments.  The curriculum is designed to address this through a portfolio of practical, resume-building projects that satisfy students’ intellectual curiosity as well as help them to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to make sound business and management decisions. Beyond these practical skills, the program is also designed to foster thought leadership, innovation, and corporate social responsibility in a global context. Through the inclusion of current news events, instructors ensure that the curriculum stays topical, vibrant, and relevant.  Students can take a more focused approach to their studies by choosing to complete an optional specialization in Human Resources to help you build your niche and strengthen your area of focus.  Pursuing an education in Human Resource Management could help you direct corporate human resources departments. Topics include hiring practices, training, corporate policies, communications, and executive leadership.

LeTourneau UniversityMBA in Human Resources Management

LeTourneau's Human Resource Management curriculum is applicable to both the public and private sector. Students whose career interests involve not-for-profit business are encouraged to seek admission. The courses reflect contemporary models within a working HR management context. Emphasis is placed on identification, analysis and solution of HR issues, while equal attention is given to the development of report writing, oral reporting and group processing skills.

Liberty UniversityM.B.A. with Human Resources Specialization

Liberty University’s Master of Business Administration program prepares you to excel as a professional manager, enhancing career development in business and related fields, as well as providing opportunity for promotion and associated salary increases. You will strengthen management skills, stretching your knowledge to such areas as corporate responsibility, entrepreneurship, and legal issues in business or non-profit management. Through group projects, you will develop managerial expertise in accepting and devising solutions to complex management challenges, and will become familiar with current research methods and scholarship relevant to business administration. Our experienced faculty believes that maintaining high ethical standards breed great business, so all courses emphasize the importance of applying ethics to management practices.

Liberty UniversityLiberty University – Master of Science in Management

Liberty University’s Master of Science in Management program prepares you to excel as a business professional in a variety of management positions, enhancing opportunities for promotion and associated salary increases. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to significantly upgrade your current management skills, stretching your knowledge to such areas as entrepreneurship, legal issues in business, and non-profit management. You will be challenged to improve your critical thinking skills through complex, real-world assignments that require the utilization of graduate-level analysis and synthesis, and will improve project development abilities through participation in group projects, working through and completing complex management challenges as a team.

National American UniversityM.B.A. Human Resources Management Emphasis

The MBA program at National American University, is a professional level graduate degree for students who have completed a bachelor's degree in virtually any discipline.  Students who select this option will pursue the standard MBA curriculum with a three-course emphasis in human resource management by completing three of the following courses in Managing Human Resources, Training and Development in HRM,  Employee Evaluation and Compensation, and Human Resources Law.  Students lacking an undergraduate background in business will find an opportunity to enroll in foundation business and management courses through NAU.

Northcentral UniversityM.B.A. Human Resources Management Specialization

The MBA degree with a specialization in Human Resources Management is a 36-semester unit program that emphasizes the traditional business administration and management studies at the graduate level. Learners who complete at least 18 graduate semester units in the area of Human Resources Management may have the specialization recorded on their transcript and diploma.

Regis UniversityOrganization Leadership - H.R. Management & Leadership

The Human Resource Management degree prepares students for positions in the areas of employment and recruiting, training and development, compensation, benefits, employee services, employee and community relations, personnel records, health and safety, and strategic planning. Human Resource Managers interact with managers from all other departments to plan and budget for personnel needs. The Human Resources professional plays a significant role in the startegic success of organizations through identification and selection of the best personnel for specific roles, training and development of those personnnel, and reward and retention programs to retain the best people for organizational effectiveness.

Saint Leo UniversityMBA w/ Concentration in Human Resource Administration

The Curriculum is designed to yield an understanding of business, the ability to utilize decision processes, acknowledgement of functional operations specifically as they relate to the management of Human Resources and the ability to work effectively in today’s ever changing business environment. The main purpose of this concentration is to provide an opportunity for today’s dynamic HR professional to study current issues and concerns.  Students will learn/review theories and applications involved with people management.  Current topics such as training, selection, compensation, and legal issues will be studied in depth.

South UniversityM.B.A. Human Resources Management

South University's online MBA program is designed specifically for working professionals who want to advance their management and leadership skills while maintaining a balance between academic studies and work and family obligations. You will learn the same business strategies taught at our campus locations and enjoy the convenience of attending class online anytime – day or night. At South University, you are in control of your education.  South University lets you tailor your MBA program by selecting one of seven concentrations, including Human Resource Management.

Southern New Hampshire UniversityGlobal M.B.A - Human Resources Graduate Certificate

Companies and organizations of all sizes are conducting business in markets all over the world. A global perspective gives business managers an edge.  Designed for business leaders and managers, Southern New Hampshire University's nationally accredited Global M.B.A. (42 credits), the only one of its kind in northern New England, incorporates a global focus to enhance the broad business management knowledge inherent in an M.B.A. program. Our full- and part-time faculty, with their wealth of international corporate and teaching experience, add a unique perspective to course material. Our students come from all over the world, adding an additional global component to the classroom (traditional and online) experience.  The School of Business' Global M.B.A. provides students the opportunity to use electives to earn a second credential -- a graduate certificate -- specific to their fields. You tailor your M.B.A. to fit your needs. No other school in New England offers this option.

Strayer UniversityM.B.A. Human Resources Management 

The Master of Business Administration degree program features a curriculum that prepares adult students for the emerging knowledge economy while emphasizing the latest concepts, practices, and skills in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. MBA students can choose a concentration in Human Resources Management to meet their career and educational goals. A bachelor’s degree or U.S. equivalent is required to enroll in this program.

Sullivan UniversityHuman Resource Leadership

The Master of Science in Human Resource Leadership (MSHRL) is an online program based upon the six bodies of knowledge for human resource professionals as outlined by the Society for Human Resource Management. The courses in this program will allow the HR professionals to increase their knowledge of human capital management, HR services and delivery in public, profit and non-profit organizations. The curriculum also integrates interpersonal relations, communication and contemporary issues relevant to the HR professional or manager. Individuals who intend to become human resource professionals as well as other managers who wish to learn concepts and policies involved in effectively managing people, will also find this degree program useful.

University of PhoenixM.B.A. Human Resources Management Concentration

Students in the Human Resource Management Concentration will build upon the managerial skills developed in the MBA required course of study by developing an understanding of Human Resource Management concepts and applications. They will be sensitive to legal, ethical, and social values in the conduct of Human Resource Management practice. At the completion of the concentration, students will have knowledge of a substantial portion of the topics required for certification by the Society of Human Resource Professionals. The Human Resource Management Concentration is designed for students who want to enhance their human resource management skills, enter the human resource profession, or complete additional coursework required for the SHRM exam certifications.

Upper Iowa UniversityHR Management and Organizational Development

The Master of Business Administration program offers areas of emphases including Accounting Human Resources Management and Organizational Development. While complementary, the areas of emphasis are distinct. Skill and competence in specific business areas are developed through individual and group assignments that combine theory with practical examples. Learners work both individually and interact as members of problem-solving teams to apply relevant theories to practical case study situations. The program provides a balance of quantitative and qualitative studies to strengthen contemporary managerial skills.  Learners will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in the field of human resources in terms of staffing a competitive, team-centered environment. Learners will be expected to demonstrate substantial knowledge in the field of human resources including, but not limited to: Employment laws related to application and hiring procedures, the differentiation between compensation and benefits packages, the formulation of a plan for downsizing an organization, the ability to design and implement a succession plan, crisis management issues related to human resources, and demonstrate knowledge of the principles and methods for developing human resources in an organization through training programs.

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership - Walden UniversityM.B.A. Human Resource Management

Connect to success with a Master of Business Administration from Walden University. Through Walden’s membership in the Laureate International Universities network, you will have the resources you need to compete in a global economy: Study abroad; Participate in global mentorship opportunities; Engage in online discussion groups with members worldwide and Broaden your knowledge and global perspective. Focus on real-world issues with coursework designed to make you a more creative thinker and more effective manager prepared to work in the United States or abroad.