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Higher Education for Human Resource Professionals has jumped to the top of many of our “To Do” lists.  Navigating through the options can be very overwhelming, also considering how to manage the work/life balance and add in the additional workload of a Masters Degree.  There are many options for Human Resources professionals; certification programs provide a great conduit to re-entering the educational landscape again.  If the idea of a Masters program is overwhelming then consider one of the many certification programs that are out there and get your feet wet again.  What you may find is that this learning stuff is actually fascinating and not near as hard to manage as it was when you attended school the first time around.  The other great thing is that almost all universities or online programs offer a wide range of options for higher learning that works very well for a professional, even if you juggle a family as well.  Bottom line, there is no reason to not continue to develop your professional career – the marketplace is changing, Human Resources criticality as business partners is evolving and the opportunity to advance a career through higher learning has never been more available or easier to achieve.