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Human Resources Issues:

As a Human Resources Director for a large global company I often face some very interesting workplace issues.  We recently held our annual Harassment training, and afterwards we had a harassment complaint from an employee.  It was not a complaint that I had dealt with before, and not even something I had given much thought to in the past.  The complaint was “sexting,” I had to ask twice for the HR Generalist who was investigating the issues to restate the complaint.  Sexting – wow I thought, how do we get our arms around that.  These are employees using their personal cell phones, sometimes during breaks, sometimes after hours, to send illicit messages, pictures, forwards, jokes, and so on to other co-workers.  How in the world to we handle the wide network of social media outlets we now have available today?  This is a different generation, the issues are different, the complaints are evolving but of course they are still there and we still need to deal with them.  I am not new to social media; I “tweet,” have a face book page and am an avid texter.  But the way social media is impacting the how we run a business, manage employee relations and communications is hitting us fast and furious.   Every facet of business is dealing with social media in one way or another.  In many cases it is a positive, opening lines of communication, connecting with employees, potential recruits, and bridging a generational gap that many of us have started to face in the industry.  But the question remains, and it is a topic of discussion across universities, certification programs, higher education, and Human Resources Professionals across the globe.  How can we extract the good, manage the risk and adapt our policy, training, communication and the way we do business to embrace this new world.  This truly is a time for Human Resources to step in and guide the philosophy around how an organization evolves to accept this new way of life.   This is not something we just know how to do, this is an evolution that the Human Resources community must embrace together through best practice, and lessons learned and a new way of thinking.